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We are committed to:
1.  Building relationships among students, staff and the community
2.  Providing equitable experiences for all learners
3.  Preparing learners for a complex, rapidly changing world
4.  Creating learner friendly environments
5.  Communicating clearly


News & Announcements

Early Dismissal Tomorrow

Dear TSD Families,

This is simply a reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday September 21st, is a scheduled early dismissal day for TSD students. Dismissal will be at 12 noon and 1PM for elementary and secondary students respectively.

Thank you.
TSD Best,
Mr. B.

Sad News/Support for Students

Dear JBMS/JBHS Families,

I am reaching out to you with sad news regarding members of our Tuscarora School District Community. There was a serious accident on Wednesday evening involving a number of our TSD students. During this time of loss we wanted to reach out to offer a space for students who need someone to talk, and make counselors available to speak with. James Buchanan Middle School Library will have social workers/counselors available for students and families on Monday August 8 from 3:00-5:00PM.
We are all shocked by this and hope to support and help each other navigate this tragic event.

Fall Sports Registration Available

Students interested in playing a fall sport should complete the registration process on our new registration system provided by Arbiter Sports. Click below for more information.